Content Management

Content_ManagementYou are likely to have a range of content needs.

Maybe you require support to create case studies, stories and testimonials.

Or perhaps your company requires something more complex, such as a corporate narrative, core script and messaging, providing a framework for all other corporate content.

Shareable content

You can improve company reputation and sales leads, by sharing news, features, articles, white papers or opinion pieces with your target sector on- or offline.

Ward Communications does all of this, as well as writing for websites, blogs and newsletters. We also advise on, and develop, marketing materials for pitches and exhibitions.

Video and verbal communication

Video is increasing in popularity. We work with organisations to develop content which is delivered orally, such as speeches, presentations, meetings and talks, and use video to amplify the impact, for example using HD video brochures. Additionally, we can provide expert coaching to hone your speaking and presentation delivery.

Ward Communications also has expertise in the micro-analysis of interpersonal communication, and using this to develop person-specific written and spoken communication materials. Some of the biggest names in technology use our work in this area to help win high-value business.


We provide the following services:

  • Corporate narrative, core scripts and messaging
  • Communications reports for board level meetings
  • News writing, features and articles, forewords and ghost writing
  • Editorial, copywriting, proof reading and sub-editing for all types of marketing materials
  • Speech writing, presentations, and scripts
  • Corporate stories and case studies
  • Pitch books, brochures, and bespoke marketing materials
  • Communication profiling of high value prospects and creation of tailored materials
  • Video content, including creation of digital video brochures
  • Writing for websites and intranets
  • Blog post writing
  • Writing for e-newsletters

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